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Yishun Is F***ed Up.

Masquerading as a sleepy heartland shopping district, the town formally known as Nee Soon is home to one of Singapore's most dystopian societies. With a population of  205,000, the residential area appears to be well-equipped, with plenty of schools, accommodation, parks, transport, sports, entertainment and medical facilities to boot. Yet, darkness lurks at every corner of this cursed city, with loonies, murderers, perverts, animal killers, criminal enterprises, and the supernatural all too eager to fight for the headlines. But perhaps, a certain district bears the unfortunate brunt of the spell cast upon this settlement, a jinxed neighborhood known as... The Devil's Ring.



The following interactive map illustrates the events that have plagued Yishun residents over the past few years. The incidents are categorised and color-coded accordingly - you can disable them individually for reference purposes by activating the icon on the top left of the map. Clicking on the markers will reveal more details about the tragedies that took place at the corresponding locations. To expand, click on the icon on the top right.

With bad luck holding the town hostage, we wish its doomed residents all the best.

May the invisible man in the sky have mercy on their souls.



Hall of Fame

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