279 Yishun Street 22: NSF Beats His Stalker To Death


On this fateful day, Shawn Ignatius Rodrigues had his wrists and ankles died before being hacked to death. The 26-year-old was allegedly stalking his killer, reportedly named Ryan, whom they had known for years, and the duo even attended the same church. However, the ex-altar boy had anything but a peaceful relationship with his killer. He would allegedly show up at the accused's house at weird timings, damaging his circuit breakers, pranked call his wife, strangled his female neighbor and even attacking a 75-year-old elderly lady.


The issue was so bad, it forced Minister for Home Affairs & Minister for Law K Shanmugam to make an appeal in a case for outrage of modesty for the killer's family, on top of three police reports lodged for public nuisance caused by the victim. A Magistrate complaint was also made by the killer's family, and the two were undergoing mediation sessions.

However, no real progress was being made, and on the 7th of July, 2016, a frustrated Ryan sent Mr Rodrigues to meet his maker.

Photos: Lianhe Wanbao