Yishun Ring Road: Pedophile Sex Tour Organiser Raided


You might not have heard of Chan Chun Hong, but boy, this 31-year-old was so notorious even the United States' Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) wanted a piece of him? His call to 'fame'? Boasting about having sex with underage girls in Asia, on top of distributing child pornography online and promoting commercial child prostitution overseas.

Chan is the first Singaporean to be convicted of organising a commercial sex tour overseas.

The infamous pedophile was nabbed after an undercover operation conducted by the police, in which they set up a fake account to communicate with Chan. Their conversations revealed that he was organising a trip to Cambodia to engage in child prostitution. Unsurprisingly, he was swiftly nabbed at Changi Airport shortly after.

However, when questioned, Chan insisted that he researched about child sex abuse in 2009 to form a connection with pedophiles in order to gain their trust and have them captured by their countries' authorities. The Institute of Mental Health had earlier diagnosed him pedophillia. When Chan's house was raided, police seized countless DVDs, a couple of laptops, hard disks, thumbdrives, 15 pornographic DVDs, condoms, a sex toy and four mobile phones.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Yang Ziliang was disgusted by his actions, stating the "voluminous amount" of material distributed was of the "most egregious and abhorrent category of all: child pornography".

He added the following:

"The photographs and videos were not simply of nude consenting adults or consenting adults having carnal intercourse... The material showed young girls, most of prepubescent age, engaging in explicit sex acts with adults.

"(Chan's) requests for the more hardcore material, with screaming and shouting from the young girls, would only feed the online child pornography community's craving for harsher and more exploitative acts against these vulnerable young victims."

Photo: The Straits Times