312 Yishun Ring Rd: Women Booked $0.20 Uber Ride to Yishun, Got Dumped at Police Station in Ubi


Two women booked an Uber ride for a promotional price of $0.20 (not a typo) to transport them from 312 Yishun Ring Road to Blk 512, located just a few blocks away. However, upon arrival, the driver informed them that they needed to fork out $6.20 as that was the amount displayed on his UBER application. The two ladies contacted Uber to resolve the technical glitch but failed to receive a response. The driver then drove 20km to a police station in Ubi, dumped their pieces of luggage, and told the two women that he "won't be collecting his 20 cents fare".

He then calmly walked off.

Photo: Shin Min Daily News