431 Yishun Ave 1: Man Parkours Down Into Neighbor's Flat And Holds Them Hostage


With the police on the chase, a 41-year-old drug offender scaled his HDB block from the seventh-floor and swung into his neighbor's flat below. He then held the tenants hostage for over 20 minutes, ordering them to remain quiet while he plotted an escape route.

With the police banging on the door, a mother-of-two, one of those held captive, advised the accused to escape through the kitchen window. The suspect promptly broke the grilles and escaped, but not before uttering "God Bless You" to the bewildered family

He then climbed further down to the third storey and entered the house of a Tan Cheng Hoon. The suspect pleaded with the 46-year-old to not open the door for the police, but he declined the offer to avoid any brushes with the law.

Police soon stormed into Mr Tan's flat, tasers drawn and shields raised.

He was eventually found hiding in a closet.