Yishun Ave 2, 5: Driver Leads Police On Wild Goose Chase After Evading Roadblock



It's not everyday you get to witness a genuine car chase in Singapore, but if one were to happen, you get the feeling that it had to be in Yishun.

That was exactly what happened on Tuesday night, as a 28-year-old driver refused to comply with instructions at a roadblock in Sembawang, opting to speed off instead. The black car hurtled down the road and ran a red light in Marsiling, and eye-witnesses noted two police motorcycles and an additional patrol car in pursuit.


The chase lasted nearly 10 minute and ended after the car collided with two other vehicles - a taxi and a van - who were waiting for the red light. The momentum of the chase also caused one of the police motorcycles to crash into the passenger side of the car. The driver tried to escape on foot and assaulted the Traffic Police officers, but his violent efforts were in vain as he was eventually subdued.ut police were able to subdue him. 

The culprit, along with the other two police officers injured in the scuffle, were taken to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital for treatment. The Singapore Civil Defence Force dispatched a fire engine, one Red Rhino and two ambulances to the scene of the accident. The driver was later arrested for and drug and traffic offences.