875 Yishun St 81: Man Kills Mother of Former Boss After She Refused to Lend Him Money


In this tragic case, 49-year-old P. Mageswaran strangled the mother of his former employer to death, after she refused to lend him money to pay for a flat his wife has bought in Malaysia.

Kanne Lactmy just finished brushing her teeth when she saw Mageswaran stealing nearly $10,000 worth of her jewellery. She threatened to call for help and the accused lost it, knocking her to the floor before choking and smothering her. He then threw away his jacket and returned home to Johor. He pawned Mdm Lactmy's loot for about S$8,500 and threw away the pawn tickets.

A neighbor's domestic worker found her lying on her bedroom floor and called for help. Paramedics couldn't detect a pulse, and she was subsequently pronounced dead in the hospital at 1.30pm.

Photo: The New Paper