743 Yishun Ave 5 - Man Goes Berserk After Store Runs Out of Spoons for His Yogurt

In this utterly bemusing exchange, an angry individual started making threats and spewing vulgarities at the cashier after being informed that the store ran out of spoons.

The aggressor, who looked to be in his mid-30s, arrived at the Cheers convenience store at around 6.30am. He purchased a pack of Yakult drinks and Meiji yogurt, before flipping out after realising he wasn't going to get his spoon.

The cashier warned the man that she'll be calling the cops if he doesn't stop with his petulant behavior, but the man refused and challenged her to make the call - she happily complied. The customer then proceeded to snatch and smashed her iPhone, which was reportedly a birthday gift from her father, repeatedly, before storming out of the store.

Guess the Yakult and Meiji yogurt had more culture than him.