737 Yishun St 72: Elderly Man Beats Wife Before Committing Suicide


A 66-year-old man injured his wife with his walking stick before fatally jumping from his kitchen window on the 12th floor. He was a former taxi driver, but stopped working after suffering from a stroke. The couple was having domestic disputes and were supposed to appear in court that day. Neighbors grew accustomed to their pre-dawn quarrels and did not think much of the argument that transpired before the tragic episode. Their daughter was just living a few storeys beneath their flat and informed the police after her mom ran to her for help, but her father had already committed suicide before they could arrive.

Photo: Lianhe Zaobao

Northpoint Shopping Centre: Alleged NSF Attempts Suicide


A 20-year-old male stumbled out of the restrooms drenched in blood, before collapsing in front of a food court. The saddening incident occurred on the third floor of Northpoint Shopping Center, with eye witnesses describing that the victim's stomach still moving during the episode. The police and emergency personnel soon arrived on the scene, but curiously, no stab wounds were found during preliminary inspections.


Photos: Kish, Nabil Rahmat

297 Yishun St 20: Police Arrests Suicidal Man After Three-Hour Standoff


A 23-year-old man was seen seated on a 13th storey ledge and dangling his legs precariously during an attempted suicide attempt. Police were alerted at around 10pm, and rescue appliances were deployed by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) in response. Their Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (DART) were activated as well.

An inflatable mattress was set up at the foot of the block, while DART personnel attempted to rappel down to the man. Eye-witnesses observed that he was shouting at the police and rescuers to back off. The standoff lasted around three hours - he proceeded to back off from the ledge and was quickly subdued by the police.

He was arrested for further questioning.

Photo: Khairul Nizam

316A Yishun Ave 9: 14-Year-Old Commits Suicide After Unaccompanied Police Interrogation


In one of the most controversial cases of 2016, 14-year-old Benjamin Lim fell from his 14th storey flat after being interrogated by the police... alone. Earlier that day, five plainclothes policemen arrived at his school and escorted him to the station to be questioned in connection with an allegation involving outrage of modesty. With no lawyers or parents present, he confessed to touching his accuser. Unable to deal with the subsequent pressure and fallout, he tragically commits suicide 90 minutes later.


Whether he's guilty or not remains unclear, but his terribly-managed case sparked countless discussions and debates throughout the rest of the year.

Photos: The Straits Times, The Online Citizen

165 Yishun Ring Rd: 4-year-old Boy Falls to Death After Being Left Alone


Darien Riley Zabiq, who was left alone at home with his two-year-old sister after throwing a fit to escape kindergarten, fell from a window while attempting to push it open. In cruelly ironic fashion, the family had earlier ordered window grilles to be installed at their new home, but they weren't delivered before that fateful day.

Photo: The Straits Times

803 Yishun Ring Rd: Filipino Teens Found Dead Under HDB Block

A teenage boy and girl of Filipino descent were found dead under a HDB block. Police arrived following a call for assistance, and paramedics pronounced the duo dead at the scene. Residents reportedly heard a loud thud around midnight, and eye-witnesses described a significant amount of blood at the scene, with one claiming that "he couldn't sleep the whole night" after chancing upon the "horrifying" sight.