398 Yishun Ring Rd: HDB Floor Tiles Suddenly Pop Up



Madam Chen and her four-month-old niece were resting on the sofa when the floor tiles around them suddenly popped and cracked. The Housing Development Board (HDB) later went to investigate, but concluded that the incident wasn't caused by a structural issues. They noticed Chen that she would have to fork out for the repairs, since the tiles weren't the original ones laid by HDB.


This is the first time something like this had happened to Chen and her family, who moved into the flat 20 years ago. Reportedly, the flat below hers also suffered a similar incident several years ago, although the area affected was far more significant. Further interviews later revealed that the same unit on the 11th and 12th floors were also cursed with the same bad luck.

Luckily, no was injured in this bizarre accident.

Photos: Channel 8 News