506B Yishun Ave 4: Legit Cow Spotted At Lift Lobby


Yes, a real, living, breathing cow was spotted at a lift lobby in Yishun Avenue 4, leaving many residents perplexed.

It was later explained that the cow was hired as part of a traditional hindu blessing ceremony for new homeowners known as Griha Pravesh.

How do you tell if you have been blessed?

If the cow poops or urinate in your spanking new home, it's considered good luck and signifies the presence of Lord Shiva, one of the Hindu gods.

It is perfectly legal, although various permits have to be obtained. Local cow farms provide such services, and a similar ceremony would set one back by at least a cool thousand dollars on average.

Photo: Kaiserin Reina

366 Yishun Ring Rd: Monster Caterpillars Make Appearance


What's new anymore?

Facebook user Christopher Yap chanced upon some unusually large caterpillars following a night shift.

A STOMP reader stumbled into them again the next day, and the photographs definitely feature the creatures in a freakier light:


The STOMPer initially estimated them to be 20cm in length, but later withdrew his exaggerated and scientifically-incorrect claim to 10cm.

The caterpillars are believed to be of the Atlas Moth, the largest species of moth on the planet.

I initially thought they were rejected sex toys.

Photos: Christopher Yap, STOMP

Yishun Skies Miltonia: Giant Lizard Tries To Break Into Condo, Then Goes For Swim In Pool

It appears that even the animals living on our island can’t tolerate the Singapore heat any longer.

A family living at the Skies Miltonia condominium got a surprise when a monitor lizard tried to enter their flat.


The lizard had reportedly been jumping from “balcony to balcony”, presumably to take a respite from the sweltering weather.

After several failed attempts at breaking in, the lizard settled for a 30-minute dip in the condo pool instead. A fellow resident then “cornered the monitor lizard into some bushes before releasing it into a forested area nearby.”

Photos: STOMP

398 Yishun Ring Rd: HDB Floor Tiles Suddenly Pop Up



Madam Chen and her four-month-old niece were resting on the sofa when the floor tiles around them suddenly popped and cracked. The Housing Development Board (HDB) later went to investigate, but concluded that the incident wasn't caused by a structural issues. They noticed Chen that she would have to fork out for the repairs, since the tiles weren't the original ones laid by HDB.


This is the first time something like this had happened to Chen and her family, who moved into the flat 20 years ago. Reportedly, the flat below hers also suffered a similar incident several years ago, although the area affected was far more significant. Further interviews later revealed that the same unit on the 11th and 12th floors were also cursed with the same bad luck.

Luckily, no was injured in this bizarre accident.

Photos: Channel 8 News

141 Yishun Ring Rd: Toilet Ceiling Collapses (Again)


An 80-year-old man injured his toe and suffered cuts on his left knee after a concrete slab fell from his toilet ceiling. He was using the washroom before going to bed when the incident happened. Fortunately, the slab landed inches away from him, but not before tearing a 10cm hole in his shirt. He has since received a tetanus jab as a precaution according to reports.


The man's daughter mentioned that their 32-year-old flat has not undergone upgrading under the Home Improvement Programme. It is later revealed HDB will be sharing the cost of repair under the Goodwill Repair Scheme.

Photo: Shin Min Daily News

Yishun MRT Station: Water Leak Through False Ceiling During Thunderstorm



It was pouring heavily in Yishun, but things aren't any better inside its MRT station, which is supposedly sheltered. A leak appeared in the false ceiling and large amounts of water could be seen entering through it. Station staff can be seen mopping up large puddles and cordoning off the affected areas.


Photo: @psy_leh

Yishun Ave 7: Pothole Appears Near Bus Stop


A sinkhole appeared at Yishun Avenue 7 on October 26. Contractors from the Public Utilities Board (PUB) noticed the gigantic hole while carrying out sewer works, and was subsequently fixed in the next four to five hours.

Eye-witnesses placed a Malay man, Mr Muhammad Saiful Eidur Saimen, standing in front of the hole and directing road users away from danger. The full-time national serviceman initially estimated the hole to be 60cm in diameter, but grew to more than 100cm as large vehicles drove over it. The depth of the hole was reportedly 1.5m.

Photo: Muhammad Saiful Eidur Saimen

Yishun Ring Road: Tree Topples on Lamp Post, Causes Blackout


In yet another tree collapsing incident, an Yishun resident was awoken at 4.45am after hearing a loud crashing sound. Upon opening his window, he realises that the "street lights were all blacked out".


It turns out, a tree has collapsed onto a lamp post, blocking the entire two-lane road and causing a blackout in the vicinity. The police arrived shortly after to keep things in order. According to the resident, no one was injured.

Photos: STOMP