Northpoint Shopping Centre: Shoppers Locked In Basement After False Fire Alarm


Imagine getting stuck in the basement with hundreds of fellow shoppers while you're heading towards the inevitable fate of getting burnt alive.

The 'air-fryer' scenario could have been reality for some shoppers in Northpoint Shopping Centre, after its shutters came crashing down following a false fire alarm.

Both exits near the end of the basement, as well as one leading to the escalators, were shut, resulting in a massive human jam.

According to the management, the harrowing experience lasted for 10 minutes.

This is apparently not the first time it has happened - the management has frequently conducted fire drills every few months, but the problems arising from the shutters only started after the building was renovated.

The exit signs and escape routes were also not conspicuous enough, leading to plenty of confusion among shoppers when such incidents occur.

h/t: Lianhe Wanbao