Northpoint Shopping Centre: Shoppers Locked In Basement After False Fire Alarm


Imagine getting stuck in the basement with hundreds of fellow shoppers while you're heading towards the inevitable fate of getting burnt alive.

The 'air-fryer' scenario could have been reality for some shoppers in Northpoint Shopping Centre, after its shutters came crashing down following a false fire alarm.

Both exits near the end of the basement, as well as one leading to the escalators, were shut, resulting in a massive human jam.

According to the management, the harrowing experience lasted for 10 minutes.

This is apparently not the first time it has happened - the management has frequently conducted fire drills every few months, but the problems arising from the shutters only started after the building was renovated.

The exit signs and escape routes were also not conspicuous enough, leading to plenty of confusion among shoppers when such incidents occur.

h/t: Lianhe Wanbao

Yishun Ave 6, 7: Mercedes Collides Into Lorry With Nine Migrant Workers


A total of 11 people were injured after a Mercedes collided with a lorry ferrying nine foreign workers at about 7.50am. Eye-witnesses heard a loud bang and observed the affected stumbling out of their vehicles in pain. The workers were on their way to work for a lift maintenance company when they met with the unfortunate incident at the junction of Yishun Avenue 6 and 7. Police are currently investigating the incident.

Photo: Shin Min Daily News

312 Yishun Ring Rd: Women Booked $0.20 Uber Ride to Yishun, Got Dumped at Police Station in Ubi


Two women booked an Uber ride for a promotional price of $0.20 (not a typo) to transport them from 312 Yishun Ring Road to Blk 512, located just a few blocks away. However, upon arrival, the driver informed them that they needed to fork out $6.20 as that was the amount displayed on his UBER application. The two ladies contacted Uber to resolve the technical glitch but failed to receive a response. The driver then drove 20km to a police station in Ubi, dumped their pieces of luggage, and told the two women that he "won't be collecting his 20 cents fare".

He then calmly walked off.

Photo: Shin Min Daily News


750 Yishun Ave 5: Bus Catches Fire But Passengers Reluctant to Alight


Sri Shanker was driving a 42-seater-bus headed for Malaysia when he saw smoke coming up from the rear of his vehicle. He stopped and told his six passengers to alight, but amazingly, the oblivious commuters were reluctant to move and even questioned his decision. Shortly after alighting, the bus catches fire, but the curious passengers remained in the vicinity and reportedly gathered around the bus.

The 42-year-old then tried to put it out with a lone fire extinguisher, but unsurprisingly failed as the bus became engulfed in thick, black smoke. The firefighters arrived and eventually subdued the fire with the power of two water jets.


No one was injured, although the bus was utterly destroyed.

Photo: @Jakachuu

Yishun Ring Rd: Taxi Driver Suffers Heart Attack


A taxi uncle was driving his wife home after his night shift when he tragically suffered a heart attack. His taxi spun out of control and crashed into a kerb. According to eye-witnesses, both of the taxi's front tyres burst.


The 58-year-old was taken to the hospital in an unconscious state but was declared dead on arrival. No pedestrians were caught out cold, but his wife suffered minor injuries.

Photo: Lianhe Wanbao

353 Yishun Ring Rd: Lift Motor Room Catches Fire


The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) was called into action after a fire broke out in the motor room of a lift at around 10.30am. According to reports, a supervisor from the Town Council arrived at the scene shortly after a call for assistance has been rendered and that the fire was "put out quickly". No one was injured in the incident, but residents raised concerns about the incident as the lift was "brand new".

Photo: STOMP