430 Yishun Multi-Storey Carpark: Man Smashes Car Windshields, Goes On Stealing Spree

A 50-year-old man was reportedly arrested for breaking the windshields of at least eight cars before making off with his victims' CashCards.

Here is his account of what went down exactly:

In case you can't view the above post:

Got this photo from my BIL, incident happened at MSCP 430 Yishun on 1st Mar 2017. About 8 to 12 cars windscreen was smashed. Looks like cashcard theft. Please stay vigilant guys. Help look out for each other and any suspicious activities please inform the police.

50 yr old man had been arrested and charged in court regarding to the case on 3rd Mar 2017. Like seriously, uncle?? Nevertheless, do not let our guards down even though the culprit had been arrested. We may not know how many similar people like him are lurking around. Keep on looking out for each other. 
Congrats to our Singapore Police Force for capturing the culprit.