625 Yishun St 61: Trio Attempts to Burglar House In Front of Taxi Uncle


Three youths managed to steal a grand total of four watches, $50 in cash, a branded Louis Vuitton handbag, medication, a thumbdrive, two mobile phones, and a camera before they were finally caught. While their loot amounted to over $28,500, they were not so smart when obtaining their ill-gotten windfall. 

Their modus operandi is simple - scout flats with their corridor windows unlocked and loot accordingly while one of them kept a lookout. But alas, their luck ran out when a taxi driver noticed the three youngsters loitering suspiciously, trying to open people's windows along the corridor. Police officers soon arrived and arrested them.

Two of the suspects, 22-year-old Goh Choon Wee and 25-year-old Yeo Pei Zhuang were sentenced to nine and four months' jail respectively, on top of making restitution of $3,428 each. Their accomplice remains at large.