SAFRA Yishun: Waiter Enters Female Toilets to Film Them Urinating


Henry Ng Har Leng, a part-time waiter at the KTV Partyworld in SAFRA Yishun, followed women into the female toilets at his workplace and filmed them peeing on his phone via the adjacent cubicle. According to reports, the 23-year-old committed 10 of such offences over three days in February this year.

He was eventually caught by a sharp-eyed woman, who noticed his shoes and Samsung Note 4 peeking underneath the cubicle door. She screamed, chased after Ng, and called the police. She noticed his work attire while he was fleeing, and was able to point the authorities in the right direction after they arrived. Ng was questioned and eventually confessed, and two of his mobile phones were seized before he was taken into custody.

Ng's lawyer stated that he had a history of learning difficulties and borderline intelligence. An Institute of Mental Health psychiatrist had earlier diagnosed him with paraphillic disorder, which contributes to his fetishistic and voyeuristic tendencies.

Ng was eventually sentenced to eight weeks' jail.