640 Yishun St 61: Man Kidnaps Young Girls To Molest Them

Lim Hock Keng, an assistant manager at a restaurant, committed a series of kidnappings in view of molesting his young victims.

The 41-year-old had previously been caned and jailed for similar offences back in 2007 when he lured a five-year-old girl away from a supermarket and molested her. This time round, he retained his modus operandi and lured another girl away from her cousin and grandmother at a playground. Lim, who was a friend of his five-year-old victim's grandmother, asked the young girl to sit with him at an isolated play structure before touching her. His victim shouted and a police report was swiftly made. 

In the second case, Lim was cycling past another playground when he saw two young girls. He befriended the duo, and after observing a broken sole on one of his victim's slippers, he carried her to a nearby 7-Eleven store to get a rubber band. He also got a bottle of water. When they've reached the playground, Lim took her to the bathroom to supposedly "wash her hands". The accused followed her home afterwards, and upon entering the lift, Lim molested her.

In yet another incident, he targeted a girl who was with her maid. Lim placed the six-year-old on his lap before "hugging her and placing his hands on her stomach", according to reports.

Lim, who has a paedophilic disorder, was recently sentenced to seven years' corrective training and 12 strokes of the cane.

Photo: The Straits Times