Yishun St 11: Pervent Molests Teen, Then Goes Her Boyfriend’s 10-Year-Old Sister


While meeting the younger victim’s mother for breakfast, a suspicious-looking man, believed to be in his 40s, approached the duo. He hands them a cigarette stick, and asks if they would like to join him for a smoke.

Despite repeated refusals, the suspect proceeded to take a seat beside them and wrapped his arm around the older victim’s waist.

He then groped her right breast.

After being pushed away by the 19-year-old, he turned his attention to the 10-year-old beside her. He first stroked her hair, before moving his hands down her arms.

Stunned, the two girls ran into the lift to escape back to their flat.

However, the pervert was not satisfied - he caught up with them and offered the younger girl $50 to “take her to a private place”.

Thankfully, the teen’s boyfriend showed up in time and scared the culprit off.

Investigations are currently ongoing.

h/t Lianhe Zaobao