Yishun St 11: Pervent Molests Teen, Then Goes Her Boyfriend’s 10-Year-Old Sister


While meeting the younger victim’s mother for breakfast, a suspicious-looking man, believed to be in his 40s, approached the duo. He hands them a cigarette stick, and asks if they would like to join him for a smoke.

Despite repeated refusals, the suspect proceeded to take a seat beside them and wrapped his arm around the older victim’s waist.

He then groped her right breast.

After being pushed away by the 19-year-old, he turned his attention to the 10-year-old beside her. He first stroked her hair, before moving his hands down her arms.

Stunned, the two girls ran into the lift to escape back to their flat.

However, the pervert was not satisfied - he caught up with them and offered the younger girl $50 to “take her to a private place”.

Thankfully, the teen’s boyfriend showed up in time and scared the culprit off.

Investigations are currently ongoing.

h/t Lianhe Zaobao

430 Yishun Multi-Storey Carpark: Man Smashes Car Windshields, Goes On Stealing Spree

A 50-year-old man was reportedly arrested for breaking the windshields of at least eight cars before making off with his victims' CashCards.

Here is his account of what went down exactly:

In case you can't view the above post:

Got this photo from my BIL, incident happened at MSCP 430 Yishun on 1st Mar 2017. About 8 to 12 cars windscreen was smashed. Looks like cashcard theft. Please stay vigilant guys. Help look out for each other and any suspicious activities please inform the police.

50 yr old man had been arrested and charged in court regarding to the case on 3rd Mar 2017. Like seriously, uncle?? Nevertheless, do not let our guards down even though the culprit had been arrested. We may not know how many similar people like him are lurking around. Keep on looking out for each other. 
Congrats to our Singapore Police Force for capturing the culprit.



Yishun Ave 9: 36-year-old Man Burglars From Homes Undergoing Renovation


A 36-year-old man might be responsible for the spate of home appliance thefts from HDB flats undergoing renovation. The units affected were all using numbered locks to secure their gates.

Patrolling police officers noticed the suspect behaving suspiciously at a block of flats in Yishun Avenue 9, so they tailed him to what was eventually one of his crime scenes. He was caught with cash and handphones he couldn't account for and was swiftly arrested.

Yishun Central POSB - Debt-Ridden Man Robs Bank With Air Pistol, Gets Cold Feet Instead of Cash


Ng Shi Qiang, a bank executive, hatched an elaborate plan to rob a bank with an air pistol to resolve his financial difficulties. On the morning of October 14, Ng made his way to the POSB outlet in Yishun Central 1, carrying a bag with the pistol and other equipment. He was planning to rush in the front door when the morning staff arrived, but got cold feet in the end. The 31-year-old reportedly did extensive research on bank heists and went to observe the target on multiple occasions, but could not bring himself to carry out his plan on D-Day.

He left the area shortly after and stashed his gear in a dry riser unit at a HDB block nearby. However, when he went to retrieve it a full two days later, residents have already stumbled upon them and reported their discovery to the police.

The former Army regular has chalked up over $50,000 in credit card debt, on top of a $100,000 loan from his mother-in-law. A father of two, Ng was eventually jailed for five years and sentenced to six strokes of the cane.