725 Yishun St 71: Illegal Brothel Surfaces in HDB Flat


Eagle-eyed residents have noted a number of scantily-clad women occupying a unit in an HDB block. Human traffic was heavy and continued deep into the night, with the women often wearing high heels and putting on heavy makeup. State media reported that the unit was previously rented to foreign students and working adults. Police raided the house after a tip-off, but found the unit to be empty. The women reportedly arrived back soon after.

Photo: Lianhe Zaobao

Yishun Ave 2, 5: Driver Leads Police On Wild Goose Chase After Evading Roadblock



It's not everyday you get to witness a genuine car chase in Singapore, but if one were to happen, you get the feeling that it had to be in Yishun.

That was exactly what happened on Tuesday night, as a 28-year-old driver refused to comply with instructions at a roadblock in Sembawang, opting to speed off instead. The black car hurtled down the road and ran a red light in Marsiling, and eye-witnesses noted two police motorcycles and an additional patrol car in pursuit.


The chase lasted nearly 10 minute and ended after the car collided with two other vehicles - a taxi and a van - who were waiting for the red light. The momentum of the chase also caused one of the police motorcycles to crash into the passenger side of the car. The driver tried to escape on foot and assaulted the Traffic Police officers, but his violent efforts were in vain as he was eventually subdued.ut police were able to subdue him. 

The culprit, along with the other two police officers injured in the scuffle, were taken to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital for treatment. The Singapore Civil Defence Force dispatched a fire engine, one Red Rhino and two ambulances to the scene of the accident. The driver was later arrested for and drug and traffic offences.


SAFRA Yishun: JC Student Molests 8-Year-Old Dancer


Second-year Junior College student Liu Yiming asked an eight-year-old girl to help him with a survey. The problem was, there was no survey. After luring his victim to the second storey of the clubhouse in SAFRA Yishun, the 18-year-old asked the girl what she was wearing. "Stockings" was her last words before the accused touched the girl's right knee and molested her. He apparently stopped when he "realised that what he did was wrong".

In court, Liu, who was there for his school's co-curricular activity, said he felt an urge to touch the girl after seeing her in her ballet attire. He was eventually sentenced to 18 months' probation.

Photo: The Straits Times

Yishun St 22 - Molestor Caught 2 Hours After Committing Crime


In a true testament to the efficiency of Singapore's Police Force, a 27-year-old man has been arrested after allegedly molesting a 19-year-old teenager in a lift. The incident happened shortly after midnight, and through quick groundwork, officers from the Yishun South Neighborhood Police Center were able to nab their suspect a few streets away.

Preliminary investigations reveal that the accused tailed his victim after alighting from the same bus.

Photo: The New Paper

SAFRA Yishun: Waiter Enters Female Toilets to Film Them Urinating


Henry Ng Har Leng, a part-time waiter at the KTV Partyworld in SAFRA Yishun, followed women into the female toilets at his workplace and filmed them peeing on his phone via the adjacent cubicle. According to reports, the 23-year-old committed 10 of such offences over three days in February this year.

He was eventually caught by a sharp-eyed woman, who noticed his shoes and Samsung Note 4 peeking underneath the cubicle door. She screamed, chased after Ng, and called the police. She noticed his work attire while he was fleeing, and was able to point the authorities in the right direction after they arrived. Ng was questioned and eventually confessed, and two of his mobile phones were seized before he was taken into custody.

Ng's lawyer stated that he had a history of learning difficulties and borderline intelligence. An Institute of Mental Health psychiatrist had earlier diagnosed him with paraphillic disorder, which contributes to his fetishistic and voyeuristic tendencies.

Ng was eventually sentenced to eight weeks' jail.

625 Yishun St 61: Trio Attempts to Burglar House In Front of Taxi Uncle


Three youths managed to steal a grand total of four watches, $50 in cash, a branded Louis Vuitton handbag, medication, a thumbdrive, two mobile phones, and a camera before they were finally caught. While their loot amounted to over $28,500, they were not so smart when obtaining their ill-gotten windfall. 

Their modus operandi is simple - scout flats with their corridor windows unlocked and loot accordingly while one of them kept a lookout. But alas, their luck ran out when a taxi driver noticed the three youngsters loitering suspiciously, trying to open people's windows along the corridor. Police officers soon arrived and arrested them.

Two of the suspects, 22-year-old Goh Choon Wee and 25-year-old Yeo Pei Zhuang were sentenced to nine and four months' jail respectively, on top of making restitution of $3,428 each. Their accomplice remains at large.