Northpoint Shopping Centre: Grandma Goes Berserk, Assaults Maid After Getting Triggered

Another day, another siao lang.

An elderly lady, believed to be of foreign nationality, involved herself in an (initially) trivial dispute between her grandson and another kid at a Kiddy Palace store.

The incident started when the maid caring for the latter kid witnessed him snatching a toy from the former. She “quickly pulled him away and reprimanded him for doing so”, before instructing him to apologise to his ‘victim’.

However, the grandma got full-on triggered. She carried her grandson away, but continued leering at the maid and her employer’s son.

As tensions were seemingly boiling, the mother, whom we shall refer to as “J”, decided to make peace with the elderly lady.

However, the latter simply brushed her aside and went to “kick her helper in the leg”. Bruises could be observed on her arms as well.


Things then escalated further - she tried to hit J’s kid, who was only “one year and eight months old”, but thankfully, her maid managed to shield him from harm.

A man can be overheard in the background warning the elderly lady of possible legal repercussions if she continued with her barbaric outburst.

The mall’s security was eventually roped in and the triggered grandma was detained “until police arrived at the scene”.

A report was subsequently filed.

h/t: STOMP