Northbrooks Secondary Sch: Frustrated Teacher Swears At Students


No one likes going to school on a Monday.

In a moment of madness after being disrespected, a relief teacher used a vulgar, vagina-related term on one of her students.

According to Kino, the 'victim', she was tasked with an assignment and started doing it from the back page. Unhappy with her modus operandi, the teacher insisted she begin from the front instead. After Kino refused to comply, the teacher allegedly tore her work and called her a "bloody little fry". Kino also recalled how the teacher hit her hand and shoulders, on top of belittling her and insulting her parents.

The screenshots with the victim can be found in a YouTube video by vlogger Popo, who often produces rant videos on current affairs laced full of vulgarities.

Take a look for yourself:


A fellow student captured her losing her cool after one of her students insulted her with the same derogatory remark, while the rest of the class can be heard bursting into laughter during the conflict. 

Both the student and the "young and untrained" relief teacher have been counselled. Unfortunately, the latter was terminated following the unfortunate incident.



Editor's Note: With students becoming increasingly rebellious, I don't exactly fault the teacher for wanting to stand her ground. Did she take things too far? Probably, but the unruly student deserves her lashing thoroughly.

Photo: Kino