653 Yishun Ave 4: Lady Burns Maid Face With Heated Spoon, Whips Her With Bicycle Lock


Zinnerah Abdul Majeed was not happy that her maid, May Thu Phyo, accidentally broke a cup while washing utensils in the kitchen. So, she took a metal spoon, heated it over a stove and caressed it on her victim's skin. Her abusive streak failed to stop, as a few days later, she used a bicycle lock to his May's arms, after the latter lost her trolley. She proceeded to strike her with a metal belt, a television remote control, a bamboo pole and the handle of a butter knife on separate occasions after that.

But that's still not enough for Zinnerah. When her husband left some food for May, she got outraged and used another heated metal spoon to burn the left side of her face. Her abuse has inflicted numerous second-degree burns and permanent scars onto May, not to mention psychological damage. May eventually fled the household and was admitted to the hospital after she collapsed in distress at a nearby void deck.

Zinnerah was jailed 20 months for her cruel acts.

Photo: The Straits Times