156 Yishun St 11: Man Slashes Couple


A couple and a married man got into a fight at a coffee shop in Yishun, resulting in the former duo getting brutally slashed.

Before the fateful incident, the trio were drinking and started to raise their voices. The quarrel escalated into a fight, which eventually turned into a chase. The parties later ended up at a back alley about 100m away from the dining establishment.

The married man then took out a 35cm long knife and began slashing the couple, splattering blood all over the place before an extraordinarily brave young man tackled the knife away from the aggressor. The couple miraculously found the strength to pin down their attacker, despite being drenched in blood from their numerous slash wounds.

The trio were allegedly involved in a love triangle of sorts, and things got out of hand after negotiations between them failed.

Photo: Lianhe Wanbao