Yishun: Man Punches Stranger Who Was In Bed With Nearly Naked Wife


Shawnald Lee Hong Heng, an Army regular, caught Mr Donovan Quek lying in bed beside his topless wife and proceeded to punch him several times. He went down later to fetch his friend to demand an explanation from his wife, Ms Tricia Wong Kai Yan, but when he arrived back, he found Quek still loitering inside his flat. Lee tried to hit him again, but his friend restrained him this time.

According to reports, Quek was out drinking with Wong, Lee's wife. When the latter passed out, the former brought her home in a taxi. When Lee arrived home at around 1.30am, he saw his wife shirtless and looking drowsy. The 25-year-old assumed Quek was trying to take advantage of her and reacted the way he did, based on what he told his lawyers. According to Quek, however, he kindly removed Wong's shirt as she had vomited all over it.

Given the peculiar nature of the incident, netizens had little sympathy for Lee, with many expressing serious doubts over his version of events.

Perhaps this comment sums up the ground sentiments: