418 Yishun Ring Rd: Mysterious Man Knocks on Woman's Doors, Asks For Her Children



Yishun resident Farah Ridhwan had just returned from a nearby hawker centre with her two kids when she noticed someone at her window. She walked towards it and greeted a suspicious-looking Malay man, who then proceeded to ask if there were any babies in her house. Farah replied "no", and when she pressed further on his intentions, the 20 to 30-year-old-looking suspect, who was speaking in a "very rough tone", fled the scene.

A police report was made and evidence are being gathered from CCTV cameras in the vicinity. Her investigation officer suspects that the man had followed her back from the hawker centre, and managed to sneak up undetected by using the stairs. According to Farah, he was smoking and wearing a black hat with what appeared to be a star logo on it.

She also told us that the suspect looked to be between 20 to 30 years of age, roughly 1.70m tall, was wearing a black hat with what looked like a star logo and was smoking a cigarette.

Here's a first-person recount of the incident, translated by Mothership:

I immediately locked my gate and door. Luckily the children were in the room so he was unable to see them. I don’t know what his motive was but I’m certain that he followed me and my children from the food court. Exactly at the point when I reached home and brought my stuff in and locked the door, he appeared at the window. My heart was beating very fast because of him.

Oh Allah I was so afraid at the time. So mothers, please be extra careful. I have to lodge a report so that I can check the CCTV near my house area.