288 Yishun Ave 6: Teens Assault Migrant Workers To "Practice For Fun"


18-year-old Daryl Lim Jun Liang and three of his friends prowled around Yishun, looking for smaller-sized migrant workers to practice their fighting skills.

Their first victim was Mr Selvaraj, a construction worker, whom they left bleeding from his lips, while their second, Mr Zuo, was repeatedly punched in his face. Lim even mocked his victims by dancing in front of them. The incidents took place 12 days apart.

Both migrant workers returned to their dormitories after the attacks and did not seek further medical treatment. They reported for work as per usual as they didn't want to lose any income.

It was revealed in Court that Lim targeted foreign workers as he had negative encounters with them previously over "staring incidents". In mitigation, Lim's lawyer alleges that the victims' injuries were "minor", and that his client's parents will be offering a mere $250 in compensation. He was eventually issued a 10-day detention order.

Meanwhile, his accomplices, which involved two 15-year-olds, were sentenced to 18 months probation, while the case for the other is pending.