Northpoint Shopping Centre: Grandma Goes Berserk, Assaults Maid After Getting Triggered

Another day, another siao lang.

An elderly lady, believed to be of foreign nationality, involved herself in an (initially) trivial dispute between her grandson and another kid at a Kiddy Palace store.

The incident started when the maid caring for the latter kid witnessed him snatching a toy from the former. She “quickly pulled him away and reprimanded him for doing so”, before instructing him to apologise to his ‘victim’.

However, the grandma got full-on triggered. She carried her grandson away, but continued leering at the maid and her employer’s son.

As tensions were seemingly boiling, the mother, whom we shall refer to as “J”, decided to make peace with the elderly lady.

However, the latter simply brushed her aside and went to “kick her helper in the leg”. Bruises could be observed on her arms as well.


Things then escalated further - she tried to hit J’s kid, who was only “one year and eight months old”, but thankfully, her maid managed to shield him from harm.

A man can be overheard in the background warning the elderly lady of possible legal repercussions if she continued with her barbaric outburst.

The mall’s security was eventually roped in and the triggered grandma was detained “until police arrived at the scene”.

A report was subsequently filed.

h/t: STOMP

Yishun MRT: Man Rubs His Groin Against Female Passenger On MRT


A netizen by the name of Lydia Eliya has claimed that a foreign worker molested her during one of her journeys on the MRT.

In a Facebook post that has now been deleted, Lydia reported that the suspect was standing extremely close to her on the train, and he eventually placed his groin onto her bottoms. The incident is believed to have occured between Yishun and Sembawang MRT stations.

Even after alighting from the train, he continued following he. He eventually ran off after realising he was being filmed, but Lydia turned the tables and went after him this time in order to capture images of her molester.

Police have confirmed that they are looking to bring in the male subject in question for questioning.

Photo: Lydia Eliya


Northbrooks Secondary Sch: Frustrated Teacher Swears At Students


No one likes going to school on a Monday.

In a moment of madness after being disrespected, a relief teacher used a vulgar, vagina-related term on one of her students.

According to Kino, the 'victim', she was tasked with an assignment and started doing it from the back page. Unhappy with her modus operandi, the teacher insisted she begin from the front instead. After Kino refused to comply, the teacher allegedly tore her work and called her a "bloody little fry". Kino also recalled how the teacher hit her hand and shoulders, on top of belittling her and insulting her parents.

The screenshots with the victim can be found in a YouTube video by vlogger Popo, who often produces rant videos on current affairs laced full of vulgarities.

Take a look for yourself:


A fellow student captured her losing her cool after one of her students insulted her with the same derogatory remark, while the rest of the class can be heard bursting into laughter during the conflict. 

Both the student and the "young and untrained" relief teacher have been counselled. Unfortunately, the latter was terminated following the unfortunate incident.



Editor's Note: With students becoming increasingly rebellious, I don't exactly fault the teacher for wanting to stand her ground. Did she take things too far? Probably, but the unruly student deserves her lashing thoroughly.

Photo: Kino

Yishun St 31: Elderly Man Swings Chair and Kicks Motorcycle After Being Accused of Flirting

A heated altercation between an angry motorcyclist and an elderly man took place at 12:17am outside a coffee shop along Yishun Street 31. 

According to eye-witnesses, the disagreement started when the former accused the latter of flirting  with his wife. Unhappy with the allegation, he went on the offensive. Carrying a red plastic chair, the old man kicked over a white motorcycle, which provoked the motorcyclist to hit back with his helmet. 

The dispute was reluctantly resolved after the crowd prevented the duo from trading further blows, with the motorcyclist's friends eventually driving the bikes away.

Yishun - 2 Men Arrested For Attacking Police Officers With Stun Gun


Acting on a tip-off, police found 21-year-old Naethan Vinod and 24-year-old Sivakandesh allegedly trying to loot a car. Upon confronting the duo, the latter brandished a stun gun and charged at the officers. They were quickly subdued and hauled back to the station. Preliminary investigations reveal that the suspects are believed to be involved in other criminal cases.

Stun guns are reportedly sold in neighboring cities like Penang for as low as S$13. Available in night markets and electronic shops, the gadgets, meant for self-defence, can be used without a permit.

Photo: The Straits Times

ORTO Yishun - Fight Breaks Out At Carpark

A 64-year-old taxi driver attacked a man 12 years his junior in a nasty brawl over what is assumed to be a parking dispute. They traded a few blows before the elder uncle ripped his younger counterpart's shirt off. Staff from the nearby eatery separated the duo and calmed them down before things escalated further. Police later arrived to arrest them, and as of 26th January, 2017, investigations are still ongoing.

418 Yishun Ring Rd: Mysterious Man Knocks on Woman's Doors, Asks For Her Children



Yishun resident Farah Ridhwan had just returned from a nearby hawker centre with her two kids when she noticed someone at her window. She walked towards it and greeted a suspicious-looking Malay man, who then proceeded to ask if there were any babies in her house. Farah replied "no", and when she pressed further on his intentions, the 20 to 30-year-old-looking suspect, who was speaking in a "very rough tone", fled the scene.

A police report was made and evidence are being gathered from CCTV cameras in the vicinity. Her investigation officer suspects that the man had followed her back from the hawker centre, and managed to sneak up undetected by using the stairs. According to Farah, he was smoking and wearing a black hat with what appeared to be a star logo on it.

She also told us that the suspect looked to be between 20 to 30 years of age, roughly 1.70m tall, was wearing a black hat with what looked like a star logo and was smoking a cigarette.

Here's a first-person recount of the incident, translated by Mothership:

I immediately locked my gate and door. Luckily the children were in the room so he was unable to see them. I don’t know what his motive was but I’m certain that he followed me and my children from the food court. Exactly at the point when I reached home and brought my stuff in and locked the door, he appeared at the window. My heart was beating very fast because of him.

Oh Allah I was so afraid at the time. So mothers, please be extra careful. I have to lodge a report so that I can check the CCTV near my house area.